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Dedicated to the care and keeping of brassy women.


we are so much more


Society likes to define womanhood as our relationship to gendered toys, our glass ceilings, and our rape statistics. Dramatic teenage girls, ladies nights, and engagement rings. Mother, career-oriented, slut, or wholesome. We are expected to only live in these silos, compartmentalizing ourselves and reducing our identities to stereotypes and prescribed characters. Very rarely are we invited to be our whole selves—messy, ambitious, complex, and beautiful. In this space, let us embrace the true power that sisterhood can bring. We are so much greater than the space we’ve been allocated. We build homes, we learn to love ourselves, we grieve, we question the choices we’ve made, we carve new paths, and we explore new passions that bring meaning to our lives and find a home deep inside us. Women are so much more than the standardized, sterilized definitions of a society that would rather see us quiet than alive. We are forces of nature, hewn from granite and stardust.