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Dedicated to the care and keeping of brassy women.

heal from the stillness within

by Katie DeYoe


about heal from the stillness within

 “The body language of the woman depicted feels very tender and vulnerable to me. I wanted to create a visual representation of the complexity that is the experience of womanhood, and the many truths that can be held in that space at the same time. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, joy, grief, elation, fear, hope, anger, compassion, hurt, shame...all can exist simultaneously. This vast emotional landscape can be difficult to navigate. But it is also what makes us strong and makes us whole, if we give ourselves the love and gentle care we need to grow.” — Katie DeYoe


about katie deyoe

what: illustrator and designer

where: Minneapolis, MN


instagram: @katiedeyoe

what does womanhood mean for you?
Aligning my self, finding my strength, coming into my power.


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