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Dedicated to the care and keeping of brassy women.

about pink hair, don’t care. 

“When you dye your hair, you do it for you. Maybe you want a change, maybe you need an outlet, maybe you just like it. When my hair went from blonde to pink for my 27th birthday, I knew I would get a reaction but that was going to be part of the fun of it, right? What I didn’t realize is that somehow I was also giving up the invisible boundary that surrounds each of us, the perception of personal space. All of a sudden strangers were commenting on my hair in the grocery store, I was holding court about keeping up vibrant color on my evening commute, and my hair was unceremoniously (and without consent) repeatedly touched and grabbed in exclamation almost everywhere I would go. I learned again, as I had when I first started getting tattoos, that when someone can see your personality and see your differences, you and those differences become public property. Your hair would never be for you again.” — Maren Nelson

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