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Dedicated to the care and keeping of brassy women.

about the influencer

“In 2016, while reflecting on the status of the presidential election, I began to take an inventory of all the news stories centered around women that I could easily recall. What I found, was a disturbing trend of victim blaming, abuse and violence, and the shaming of sexuality. My memories could find very few examples of positive, strong women depicted in the news. From current events like the nomination of Hillary Clinton to murders and missing persons of the early 90s, I decided to write a newspaper highlighting these memories. I made a point to include both the negative as well as those stories that defied the typical narrative about women. My selections focused simply on those things that seemed groundbreaking or impactful to me. As with all media, the news is not without advertisements. Peppered between snippets of news reports were blatantly sexist advertisements that sold female bodies and sexuality, shamed women’s bodies, and played into every stereotype imaginable.” — Maren Nelson