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human resource

by Vivian Charlesworth

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about human resource

“The term "human resource" was first coined in the early part of the 20th century. It was originally meant to uphold the idea that people are valuable, and should be treated with dignity. However in the 50's, the term's meaning shifted to refer to employees as a means to an end for employers. These buttons are things that coworkers, both men and women, have said to me this past year at one of my jobs. These are all statements I did not report to HR for fear of being ostracized or fear of being dismissed.” — Vivian Charlesworth


vivian charlesworth 

what: artist

where: Providence, RI


what does womanhood mean for you?
Womanhood means vulnerability, and although being vulnerable can often be frightening, it is more so a source of strength.


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