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Dedicated to the care and keeping of brassy women.


by Ashley Hohnstein


about enough

“I’ve always been a lot. I love to make people laugh, and to be the one in the room who is quickest to a punch line. For some people I can be too much. Too loud, too present, too colorful for the business world. I’ve always tried to spin my too much gene in my favor. I always over deliver, always over organize, and never miss a deadline. This should be enough. But for me, it isn’t. I am never enough. Imposter syndrome plagues me and many of my female colleagues. What has worked for me is transforming my never enough into an unrelenting drive to be better. It adds purpose to my work. I may be a juxtaposition of confidence and insecurity, but because of this I know I will always want more and can always be better.”

— Ashley Hohnstein


ashley hohnstein

 what: designer/illustrator/art director

where: Minneapolis, MN


instagram: @ashleyhohnstein

what does womanhood mean for you?
For me, womanhood means breaking down barriers imposed by outdated expectations, but also knowing when to take a second to breathe.


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